About Us

Welcome to the world of British Butterfly Aberrations. For a very long time it has come to our notice the need for a comprehensive but straight forward system of recognising and naming our butterfly aberrations.

We have tried to keep this site as simple as possible for the specialist and layman alike. There have been a number of excellent books and websites produced over the past 100 years. However, published books have been very confined to the amount of specimens shown due to the cost of publications, and the few available websites have most probably been limited by time available for production, as well as the difficulty in locating specimens for the task.

To produce this site we have drawn on a number of institutions and private collectors who have very kindly lent us material to be photographed and included within these pages. This has meant that we are able to show a very extensive quantity of British Butterfly Aberrations that are both Historic, as well as captive bred examples, temperature experiments and genetic breeding. Without their help this site would have been virtually impossible to produce.

Naming aberrations is not always an easy task, as you can imagine. There are an huge number of specimens that do not always fit in with a given description, all these specimens have been given the accepted term ab. nov (New variety). Here is a list of the abbreviations and terms used throughout the site

Please feel free to email photographs directly for inclusion (you may remain anonymous if you wish). If you would like someone to visit you personally and photograph your material for inclusion, then please let us know.

Please enjoy the photographs and information, and please do let us know of any mistakes, ideas etc, for inclusion, that may help to improve the site as a whole.

Warmest Regards