We have used a number of books old and new to reference the aberrational names of our British Butterflies.

Below is a list of some of those titles.

Natural History of British Butterflies  by F.W.Frohawk published 1914

Varieties of British Butterflies  by F.W. Frohawk.  published 1938

Variation of British Butterflies by  A.S Harmer  published 2000

A Monograph of the Chalk-hill Blue Butterfly by P.M.Bright & H.A.Leeds published 1938

The Illustrated Natural History of British Butterflies by  Edward Newman. published 1876

The British Butterflies - Their Origin and Establishment by R.L.H. Dennis published 1977

The Butterflies of Wiltshire by Michael Fuller published 1995

The Complete British Butterflies in Colour by E.Mansell and L.Hugh Newman published 1968

The Colour Identification Guide to British Butterflies by T.G.Howarth published 1973

The Butterflies of Britain and Ireland by Jeremy Thomas and Richard Lewington published 2010