Small Skipper Thymelicus sylvestris


Contrary to its name of Small Skipper, this species is not the smallest of our native skippers. Once known as the ‘Streaked Golden Hog’ this butterfly is found throughout Britain from Yorkshire to the south coast. Most commonly found in patches of tall grassland, waste ground and open woodlands.
The eggs are laid in batches of 3-6 within the folds of  Yorkshire fog it's main grass foodplant. The eggs lay dormant throughout the summer and hatch in August when the caterpillars spin a tiny silken cocoon around themselves inn which they will (hopefully) survive the winter.
The caterpillars arouse themselves in April and start to feed. Soon they separate and take up their own positions on new leaves. By mid June they are fully grown and pupate in amongst the leaf litter at the base of the hostplant soon to emerge as adults.



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